The dosage of ketamine depends strongly on the desired effect. Common dosages are 20 – 75 mg snorted, 100 – 150 mg swallowed, 70 – 120 mg injected intramuscularly.

Forms of consumption:

Ketamine is snorted or injected (intramuscularly or intravenously), rarely swallowed.

Forms of appearance:

white, crystalline powder; rarely liquid as a solution.


Onset of action:

snorted after 5 – 10 min, swallowed after 15 – 20 min, intramuscularly injected within 2 – 5 min, intravenously within seconds.

Duration of effect:

30 min. – 3 hrs. depending on dose and form of consumption.


Ketamine is not a party drug! Do not take ketamine alone and make sure you are in a familiar and comfortable environment. Allow enough time to process the trip in peace afterwards.

Dose carefully. Small differences in dose can cause significant differences in effect, so dosing is difficult.

Take regular breaks from consumption.

You need a place to sit or lie down, because at high doses there is a great risk of collapsing or fainting.

Because of the insensitivity to pain, you can hurt yourself without noticing it.

Do not take ketamine on a full stomach.

Refrain from mixed consumption. When combined with alcohol, benzodiazepines or opiates, there is a risk of respiratory arrest! Mixing with uppers (e.g. cocaine) can lead to circulatory problems, increase in heart rate and shortness of breath.

People with cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure or glaucoma should absolutely refrain from consuming ketamine!



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