Psilocybe cubensis



How Many Gold Caps Should I Eat? 

Well, that really depends on your level of experience tripping and how deep you’re trying to go. About one to three grams of dried golden cap mushrooms is considered a moderate dose and four to seven grams is considered a heftier or “heroic” dose. That said, every trip is different and every person is different. It’s best, if you don’t have a lot of experience, to begin with a smaller dose, and wait a couple of hours, before taking more. It’s also highly recommended that you have a trip sitter (i.e. someone, ideally with psychedelic experience, who can hold space for you and support you). The best way to determine how much you’re consuming is to weigh your dried mushrooms with a little scale. Especially if you’re tripping in hopes of seeking healing, you might consider going to a vetted, legal retreat center. The whole experience should last around six to eight hours. 

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